The goals of the FEMEN organization is to spark a women's revolution." With a hardcore membership of Female university students between 18 and 20 years, 20 topless activists and 300 fully clothed members, FEMEN spreads chaos wherever they go. The movement was founded in 2008 by Anna Hutsol after she became outraged by the tragic stories of Ukrainian woman duped by false promises from abroad:

"We unite young women based on the principles of social awareness and activism, intellectual and cultural development. We recognise the European values of freedom, equality and comprehensive development of a person irrespective of the gender. We build up a national image of feminity, maternity and beauty based on the Euro-Athlantic Women’s Movements experience. We have worked out our own unique form of a civil self-expression based on courage, creativity, efficiency and shock.

We demonstrate that the civil movements can influence public opinion and lobby the interests of targeted groups. We plan to become the biggest and the most influential feminist movement in Europe."

It's a cool spring Thursday in the troubled, failed, Post Orange Revolution Ukraine, as Oksana Shachko walks through the streets of Kiev with her attorney. She is wearing a leather jacket and black boots, and dangling a smoke between her fingers. The nubile Oksana Shachko, a girl with a doll-like face, may go to prison for five years.

The hearing at the Interior Ministry is at 5 p.m., and they are in a hurry. They walk past tall, brown and gray buildings from the Stalin era. They discuss ways to put a positive spin on the expression "kiss my ass," which is what Oksana, et al, screamed at the clearly shaken Indian Ambassador. "It was a happy protest. A happy protest for the rights of women," and that's what she will say in the hearing at the Interior Ministry.

Shachko's, teen "terrorist" weapons of mass confusion are fearlessness, strength, intelligence and her silky smooth teenage breasts. Symbol of femininity, motherhood and sexuality, filmmakers and marketers have used them by the millions to sell everything from war to vacuum cleaners.

Nice tits and fearless determination have made Oksana Shachko and her fellow activists the cover girls of an international protest movement: the icons of a naked rebellion. Initially FEMEN gained attention by demonstrating while dressed in underwear. However, in August 2009 Oksana Shachko deployed her boobies at a protest in Kiev. Since then Femen have regularly protested 'topless'.

While most of the protests have been confined to going ‘topless’, in October 2010 Oksana Shachko beared her round buttocks outside a locked toilet in a demonstration to protest about the lack of public facilities in Kiev. Their supporters believe that by using these weapons, the girls have invented a new feminism. Their critics say that they are turning themselves into porno. Smut or art their "weapons" have been employed with devastating effect.

Oksana Shachko and a dozen or more topless co-eds were released from a Moscow jail after having tried to steal the ballot box containing Russian leader Vladimir Putin's ballot during the March 4 presidential election. Oksana Shachko got two weeks in a prison cell, but this was only one of many scenes of chaos caused by the dark haired beauty.

She and the FEMEN have attacked banks, occupied the Eiffel Tower, wrecked embassies, attempted to steal the Football World Cup and punched and kicked dignitaries while shierking their demands. Frequently, it requires three or more police officers to subdue the relentless barrages of the half naked girl revolutionaries and all official proceedings are interrupted and cannot countinue in the wake of the pandemonium caused by the spectacular melee.

Now the raven haired, blue eyed Oksana stands accused of hooliganism for invading the Indian Embassy to protest a claim by the Indian Foreign Ministry that women from post-Soviet countries are going to India to work as prostitutes. Although the Indian Embassy denied the ambassador's "mis-statement", this didn't stop Oksana and three other girls from storming the embassy swinging Indian flags like a baseball bats, banging out windows and smashing in doors while shrieking: "Ukrainian women are not prostitutes" and "kiss my ass."

Oksana is a professional icon painter and lives in a run-down studio apartment in Kiev with greenish mold on the ceiling. In other words, she has a profession and is living an ordinary Ukrainian life of poverty and turmoil. But her apartment is full of protest signs, and she has drawn a picture of a Femen activist, with flowing hair and bare breasts, on the wall. It's a self-portrait of a girl who is causing a lot of trouble.